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At Just The Tip BBQ, our catering pricing is designed for ease and flexibility. Our succulent tri-tip is priced per pound, with a recommended serving size of half a pound per person. Sides are available in half or full pans, with a half pan serving around 20 people and a full pan serving around 40. This way, you can tailor your order to perfectly fit your event's size and appetite.

Tri-Tip Temptations

Tri-Tip  $18 per pound

Savor our Tri-Tip Plate, starring our signature slow-cooked, smoky tri-tip served with your choice of two homestyle sides and a slice of fresh bread. Customize your flavor journey with a selection of our homemade BBQ sauces, each adding a unique, tantalizing twist.

Side Dish Temptations

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Mac n' Cheese 

Half Pan $40 (20 servings)

Full Pan   $60 (40 servings)

Indulge in our homemade Mac N' Cheese, a true comfort food classic. We blend rich, creamy cheese into perfectly cooked macaroni, creating a dish that's decadently smooth and satisfyingly cheesy. Each bite will take you back to simpler times, offering warmth, comfort, and a touch of nostalgia. It's a side dish that stands strong on its own, but also pairs perfectly with our signature tri-tip.

Baked Beans

Half Pan   $40 (20 servings)

Full Pan    $60 (40 servings)

Dig into our Homemade Baked Beans, a BBQ staple that's packed with flavor. Slow-cooked to perfection, our beans are simmered in a rich, smoky sauce that's bursting with sweetness and tang. Infused with our signature spices, each spoonful delivers a complex balance of taste sensations. They're the perfect companion to our tri-tip, adding a hearty, robust element to your plate.

Cole Slaw

Half Pan   $40 (20 servings)

Full Pan    $60 (40 servings)

Experience a refreshing crunch with our Fresh Cole Slaw. This vibrant side dish features crisp, fresh cabbage and carrots tossed in our tangy, creamy dressing. It's the perfect palate cleanser, offering a light, crisp contrast to our hearty BBQ dishes. Every forkful delivers a burst of freshness, making it the perfect complement to any meal.

Cheesy Potatoes

Half Pan   $40 (20 servings)

Full Pan    $60 (40 servings)

A side dish that's pure comfort on a plate. We take tender, golden potatoes and smother them in a blanket of creamy, melted cheese, creating a dish that's irresistibly rich and satisfying. With a hint of our special seasoning, each bite offers a harmonious blend of flavors that's both comforting and indulgent. It's the perfect pairing for our smoky BBQ dishes, adding a layer of cheesy goodness to your meal



Got questions or ready to plan your event with Just The Tip BBQ? Don't hesitate to reach out to us – we're here to help make your catering experience exceptional!

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